dennis_chikin (dennis_chikin) wrote,

Для ролевиков, про Красную Шапочку

На случай, если кто не знает, или забыл:

"This was a woman; no doubt about it. Hair red as flame, falling down the back all the way to her. . well, pretty long hair anyway. A face like an angel's, with cheeks red as the rose and eyes so deep you wanted to fall into them and never come up. She was dressed modestly, but it was hard for even the heaviest cloth to disguise the lushness of her figure. And I found myself thinking that maybe I'd wasted too much of my life without the companionship of such females, though she was unique." - ну и т.д.

Ног там, через раунд, будет, естественно, восемь.
Tags: Братство Иллюминатов

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